Andy Moss, Head of Manufacturing for Lloyds SME Banking in the Midlands, talks about the importance of overseas trade to the region’s business community and why the Bank is backing the Export Category in the Express & Star Business Awards.

Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking is proud to sponsor the Express and Star Business Awards’ Export Category for the third year in succession.

The advantages of expanding into new markets overseas are something we have grown accustomed to hearing business leaders and politicians expound in recent years, and the firm that we are recognising here have taken that initiative and made it work.

They are part of a growing number of West Midlands businesses which have woken up to the possibilities of exporting, a trend that has been building for several years and encouragingly, shows no signs of slowing down.


Products, services and expertise from this region continue to be in demand across the world, both in traditional established markets such as Europe and the US, and the emerging economies of countries such as China, India, Brazil and Russia.

It is companies like those shortlisted here that are helping Britain prosper, creating jobs, rebalancing the UK economy and reducing the trade deficit. And it’s not just the bottom line from increased sales that is benefitting: those companies that export, they tend to be more innovative and productive than their peers and are more protected from sluggish domestic economic performance.

At Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, we want to see more firms exporting their products and services and we are committed to supporting their ambitions. We share your ambition for growth and are keen to lend to firms with exporting on their agenda.

Whilst we know that exporting offers great potential for business growth, we also appreciate that the risks involved in payments, currency and cashflow can seem like a barrier. That’s why our locally based International Specialists are on hand to give firms one-to-one guidance to help them explore new markets safely and successfully.

They can help businesses of all sizes to understand the risks, the financial controls and the mechanisms of overseas sales, as well as help connect you with other useful trade groups such as UK Trade and Investment and the Manufacturing Advisory Service.

We also have a range of online guides on the benefits and risks of international trading, and tools to help you assess if your business and cashflow are suitable for exporting.

SMEs are the cornerstone of the West Midlands economy and will continue to play a major role in driving the region’s growth in the months and years ahead, so it is vital that businesses don’t let perceived barriers stop them from exploring the potential opportunities that exist in other countries.


All the shortlisted finalists will have won business in new markets, or achieved growth in a current one.

Each will be a fantastic example of how ambitious and creative firms from the heart of England can compete on a global playing field helping build our region’s already proud reputation around the world.

This award is designed to recognise the achievement of Midlands companies, regardless of size, which have coped with the challenges of building a sustainable international business.

The rewards for those who compete successfully can be considerable, and at Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking we are working hard to ensure that the Express and Star Business Awards’ Export category becomes ever more competitive in years to come.

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