Investment and Capex Plans for 2018


As with most years there will be many challenges and opportunities that present themselves and to that end I wanted to just draw your attention to our continued appetite to support growth and expansion within the sector.

We currently have at our disposal excellent concessional rates for both capex and investment opportunities and so as you return to work after the festive period and start to think about what you want from your business and your plans this year then please let me know if I can be of assistance either directly to you in your business or to associates you deal with who may not necessarily bank with us at present but thru whom you feel we may be able to offer assistance – I would be delighted to get together with you as appropriate and talk further to discuss your plans and how we may be able to support you. Below is the CapEx plans form which you ca return Mark Meakin on [email protected] 

I very much look forward to hearing from you and wish you a very happy and prosperous 2018. 

What are your Capital Expenditure plans…

Your details:

Full name: 

Company name: 

Company address:   

Post code:    Tel number:   

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What type of assets are you likely to acquire?  What is the expected cost?


(Acquisition/maintenance/repairs)   Less than £50,000

Plant & Machinery    Between £50,001 - £100,000  

Motor Cars    Between £100,001 - £250,000     

Commercial Vehicles    Greater than £250,001    

I.T. Equipment    

When do you anticipate your expenditure?  Which methods of finance are you likely to consider?

Date:  Purpose:  

  Hire Purchase  


  Contract Hire 

  Bank Loan


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