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The UK economy has seen unprecedented turbulence during 2020 only a decade after the financial crisis. Please join us by clicking on the RSVP button (top-right) to register your interest.

The pandemic has not only brought about dramatic short term effects on the economy but is also expected to accelerate structural change within the UK economy and labour market.

In policy terms we have seen unprecedented levels of fiscal and monetary policy stimulus and, if all this is not enough to digest, Brexit negotiations are reaching their end game. So what are the near and medium-term prospects for the UK economy & monetary policy?

We have invited Glynn Jones to detail the Bank of England’s November forecast in respect of the outlook for the UK economy (in terms of growth, employment & inflation), including the implications of Brexit (deal or no deal).


Glynn has 10 years of experience with the Bank of England, having been lead economist at the Regional Development Agency through the 2008 financial crisis. With first-hand experience of the current challenges facing businesses, Glynn's candid & open approach will be welcomed as we aim to help clients better appreciate the wider macro economic challenges for UK Plc.

We are keen to receive questions in advance in order that we can make the presentation as relevant as possible.  If you would like to submit a question within your RSVP, please feel welcome to do so.

Sign up for this webinar, taking place Thursday 19th November 2:30pm-3:30pm, by using the RSVP button located below and your invitation be sent to you 1 week before the event.



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